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Outdoor Kitchen

This project in surrey, we recently finished the outdoor kitchen on this and today I’m
going to be taking you through the outdoor kitchen how we built it all the techniques that we use and everything all the appliances


When we arrived here this was just an oak structure, there was no patio slabs and there was no Astro turf or anything here. so obviously a lot of this work has
been done by outside contractors.

Lechef Pro-Series 2.0

The all new Monolith Le Chef Pro Series 2.0 Black Kamado Ceramic Grill With Cart is the the latest innovation from Monolith and takes barbecuing to the next level. This is the largest grill within the Monolith family.


Classic Pro-Series 2.0 Red

This revolutionary kamado style BBQ grill features the Pro Series Smart Grid System offering unrivalled functionality and flexibility. The mid sized kamado option.


Junior Pro Series 2.0 Black

The all new Monolith Junior Pro Series 2.0 Black Kamado Ceramic Grill. It is the smallest grill within the Monolith family after the portable Icon.


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