Side burner for a BBQ in stainless steel with lid cover

Side Burner


    Maximizing your time outdoors is essential for the great outdoors to the fullest. One way to do this is by utilizing a gas barbecue side burner. This versatile addition to your outdoor cooking setup allows you to cook anything that can be prepared on an indoor stove top element. Whether you're whipping up side dishes or sauces grilling, a side burner is a convenient and efficient tool.

    By using a side burner, you can save valuable space on the grill itself. This is particularly useful when preparing meals for a large number of people or cooking something that requires grill lid to remain closed. Instead of juggling limited space, you can utilize the side burner to cook additional items simultaneously.

    The side burner provides a seamless transition from indoor cooking to outdoor grilling. It offers the same level of control and precision as an indoor stove top element, ensuring that your side dishes or sauces are cooked to perfection. This means you don't have to compromise on the quality of your food when cooking outdoors.

    Whether you're grilling up a feast for a barbecue or simply enjoying a relaxing outdoor meal, a gas barbecue side burner is a must accessory.