Design and Construction



At AOS, we take great pleasure in guiding and advising our customers throughout the process of designing their dream outdoor kitchen. Once you are satisfied with the final design, our team of professionals will then arrive and begin the construction... 

The 6 steps to your dream kitchen:

The Design Process

Step 1

Site Visit

We typically begin with a site visit. This allows us to meet in person, assess the project area, and discuss your specific requirements and vision for the optimal utilization of the space.

Step 2


During the consultation, we'll discuss appliances, layout, and finish preferences (including popular options such as slate, stone, brick, render, timber, cladding, and tiles). We are always open to new kitchen design ideas and will do our best to incorporate your vision into the design.

Step 3

3D Design

Our team will repeatedly develop 3D design plans of your outdoor kitchen using our 3D Rendering Software. We'll send it back and forth to you, making revisions until you are completely satisfied with it. Once happy, we will book in a date to start the construction...


Once you have agreed the layout, design and products, it's over to us to turn the pictures in to reality.

Step 4

Preparation and Build

You have two main options: modular or bespoke.

Modular comes as prefabricated units that are assembled on site. Bespoke kitchens are custom-made to your specifications using traditional building methods.

Step 5

Countertop Installation

Once the kitchen is built, our team of professional installers will take precise measurements to ensure that the worktop is aligned and fitted perfectly. The worktop material of your choice will then be cut to size and installed by our experienced templators. This process typically takes up to one week.

Step 6

Appliance Installation

To complete your outdoor kitchen, we offer a wide range of appliances for you to choose from. Visit our website shop to explore all the available options, however, some popular appliances include BBQ's, Pizza Ovens, Kamados, Fridges, Sinks and much more...