Kamado Cooking Series: Beer Can Chicken

Kamado Cooking Series: Beer Can Chicken

Discovering the art of cooking on a ceramic grill can sound complex -  the correct temperature to cook at, how quickly they cook and how....

If you have just purchased a Kamado oven or you are looking to purchase one and your unsure how to cook on it, we want to take through, step by step on how to use it.


Monolith Chicken Roaster (you can use alternative branded chicken roasters)

MEATER Plus Thermometer


Whole chicken

Small can of beer

Mixed herbs

Salt and pepper

Olive oil (can be infused with garlic)

1) Prep Your BBQ

The first step is to fire up the Kamado grill! With this specific BBQ you can use three different types of charcoal. The most popular choice would be lump wood charcoal as it's pure with very little additives in it. Binchotan charcoal is a Japanese charcoal that is so pure it's virtually smoke-free. Finally there is charcoal briquettes which tend to last longer but they are not as pure as lump wood or Binchotan charcoals.

To light the charcoals, you have various brands of firelighters that you can light and place underneath the charcoals - shut the lid down and that will slowly light your outdoor grill.

Alternatively, for a faster method of lighting your outdoor BBQ, you can use the Mono-lighter Electric Fire Starter. Plug it in, point it at the charcoal for roughly 60 seconds and it will heat them up quicker then any firelighter. Close the lid to allow the BBQ to get up to temperature and you're good to go!

Mono-lighter Electric Fire Starter

2) Bringing Your BBQ Up To The Desired Temperature

You'll want to ensure that your Kamado grill is brought up to the desired cooking temperature. To do this, simply open the Daisy wheel at the top of the oven to about 2 inches wide. You'll then need to do the same for the vent at the bottom of the grill, opening the vent about 2 inches wide. Leave the BBQ to gradually heat up the correct temperature. You're aiming to get it between 180/200 degrees centigrade (350/400 degrees fahrenheit).

3) Prep The Chicken

Spread a generous amount of olive oil over the chicken as this will act as a binder to keep the salt, pepper and herbs over the skin. You then want to made a 'rub' from the mixed herbs, pepper and salt. You can make this in a small bowl and rub it over the chicken, or crack them each individually over the chicken. Ensure to use plenty of salt as this will make the skin really crispy as it cooks.

Open the can of beer and place it in the chicken roaster. You're then going to place the chicken over the beer - ensure the open end of the chicken goes over the beer so the beer is keeping the chicken standing up right. As the chicken cooks, the beer will evaporate and keep the meat moist.

4) Cooking

Close both vents on your ceramic grill to allow a 1cm gap as this will prevent the BBQ to get any hotter. Place your MEATER Plus Thermometer into the thickest part of the chicken. This will tell you the core temperature of the chicken along with the temperature inside the kamado egg bbq. Before placing the chicken into the oven, continue to set up the Meater Thermometer with the app on your smart phone. Place in the oven for roughly 45minutes.

Create an easy meal with little fuss with your ceramic grill.