Breath-taking Waterfront Outdoor Kitchen

Bespoke outdoor kitchen

This is unique, one-of-a-kind, bespoke outdoor kitchen build due to the type of finish across the whole kitchen. A Dekton-finish would usually be used on the work top alone, however within this outdoor kitchen build, the Dekton--finish has not only be used on the worktops, but on the faces of the kitchen too.

Finish of kitchen

The Build

Underneath the 8mm Dekton-finish, the entire kitchen was built with concrete blocks and finished with tricoya board. Tricoya is high performance type of MDF that is durable and stable in extreme and challenging environments. We used 8mm tricoya in this particular outdoor kitchen as it's perfect for outdoor use.

Cladded on both the worktops and faces with mitered corners for a an effortless, seamless finish.

Structure of build

The Outdoor Kitchen

Starting from the far right, the BBQ grill is a Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 - 304 stainless steel, infrared back burner, internal lights and includes a rotisserie. When you walk past this particular style of BBQ, the external lights turn on.

Underneath, there is a single storage cupboard which will keep the gas tank. You could use this for multiple purposes. To the left, it has two storage drawers for keeping all your BBQ grilling essentials such as utensils, BBQ protection gloves, lighters etc.

Finished outdoor kitchen

To the left of the barbecue is a BeefEater Double Door Fridge, to keep all your drinks and BBQ meats cool. To the left of this is a stainless steel sink and tap with another storage cupboard below. Next to the storage cupboard is a pull out tank drawer that can either be used as a bin or to store your propane gas bottle.

To the far left is a double door waterproof lined storage cupboard, for the customer to keep outdoor cushions in. Above the storage cupboard is a branded pizza oven that the customer sourced themselves.

inspiration for an outdoor kitchen and toying with the idea of having one and need some ideas, follow our Youtube channel that will bring more inspiring content to encourage you to look into. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch regarding any of our outdoor kitchen constructions.

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