Building The Dream Outdoor Kitchen In Milton Keynes

Dream out door kitchen in Milton Keynes

Throughout this completed kitchen walkthrough, we will share expert tips, design ideas and practical insights that can help you plan and build your own outdoor kitchen - from selecting the correct appliances for your garden kitchens, to choosing durable materials, we've got you covered.

This particular customer from Milton Keynes came to us after they had their own contractors build the outdoor shelter and patio. We had a blank canvas to work with got designing 3-D drawings of what they wanted. Requirements were for a BBQ one end and a seating area for a fire pit the other end. The design process began with a U-shaped outdoor kitchen with an island area for people to sit at either side. Allowing the other end of the outdoor living space to be free for sofas, fire pits etc.

Kitchen 3-D design CAD sketch

With the worktops, the customer opted for dark polished granite which is what we would highly recommend too. You do have a choice of either a polished or honed finish (polished or matte). We believe it's easier to keep a polished granite surface clean and slick, as opposed to a matte finish where we find dust clings to it. The dark granite compliments the slate-effect, rustic looking tiles on the body work of the kitchen itself - a very popular effect that customers are requesting.

Where the Kamado sits on the shelf of the granite, the grill height is level with the worktop area. We also angled the Kamado into an angled shelf. If you square work tops off, it cuts off a lot of work top space, but by hugging the worktop around the Kamado, allows for more worktop space.

Worktop space

Underneath the worktop, there is plenty of storage space - double stainless steel Beefeater drawers and underneath the BBQ there is further storage space with a twin door for the likes of gas bottles, fire wood etc. This outdoor kitchen includes a pull out tank drawer that we recommend using as an outdoor bin.

The customer has a Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 BBQ installed within this outdoor living space, which has two and half foot of grilling space, infrared back burners, rotisserie and a warming tray. Further round the kitchen, we've installed the Monolith Classic Kamado - ideal for versatile barbecuing - slow cooking, roasting, searing, direct cooking, indirect cooking and cooking on pizza stones.

Bar area

Further round, we have the Beefeater double door fridge, which can be stacked with drinks or marinades, meats. Sat above the fridge sits the Alpha Brio - gas fuelled or used as a wood-fire oven - it can cook up to 2-3 pizzas at one time.

This customer has added their own touches to this outdoor living space such as sofas, plant pots, string lights. Friends and family can sit either side in this sociable kitchen outside, either on the sofas or the bar stools. Even in the pouring rain, friends and family can be reassured they'll stay dry as the sloping overhung roof drains water away behind them.

If you're ready to turn your outdoor space into a haven for cooking, dining and relaxation, give us a call or drop us a line via email.

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