Designing & Building A Stunning Stone-Structured Outdoor Kitchen

Stone-Structured Outdoor Kitchen

In the heart of Hampshire, nestled amongst vibrant greenery, AOS Kitchens has designed and built this outdoor kitchen that beckons you with its warm embrace and irresistible charm. Crafted with precision, the kitchen boasts a magnificent stone structure, adorned with a speckled granite worktop. The thoughtfully designed pergola hangs lights, plants and cosy heaters, setting the stage for intimate gatherings that will leave your guests in awe. Allow us to take you on a journey from start to finish of this quaint outdoor living space.

Before building the structure, our aim was to remove an existing pond and a large area of old patio tiles. There was a water feature that needed removing and multiple planters that needed removing. The customer asked for an outside living area with a pergola over the top that they could enjoy and use all year round.

Digging up the original patio

We had a pleasant surprise digging up the patio as there was also 70mm of concrete slab underneath. Using a digger, we were able to peck our way through and break up the entire thing. The customer chose a beautiful Indian Sandstone patio slab of various sizes, so after hardcore was put down, we laid out the various sizes of slabs in a pattern. The customer being an interior designer wanted to separate the outdoor kitchen area from the outdoor living area and suggested having a Herringbone style paved floor near the BBQ area to divide the two which works amazingly.

The customer wanted a pergola designed to specifically be over the kitchen. This pergola is not covered or enclosed, nor will it prevent the elements from coming in, but aesthetically, it divides the kitchen area from the living space. It also provides an opportunity to hang lights, heaters, outdoor electrics. At night it must look absolutely incredible!

The kitchen area itself is made from a Purbeck stone named Chicksgrove. These special lime finished stones came from a quarry in the Purbeck hills in Dorset. Mixing this with lime, sand and cement gives the whole brick wall a white washed finish.

From left to right, the kitchen area has a statement Monolith Classic Kamado Pro Series 2.0, with which sits proudly on a worktop specially made for the Kamado ensuring it's the right height to cook on. A stainless steel door allows for a pull out bin. To the right is the BeefEater Stainless Steel Single fridge to allow for any drinks, meats, BBQ food to keep chilled. The other statement piece in this magnificent outdoor kitchen is the Napoleon 700 Series Big 32 - three foot wide of stainless steel glory to cook on - four burners, back burner, warming tray, rotisserie. Underneath is a stainless steel double door for the likes of your propane gas, natural gas, wood chips, charcoal and extra storage.

White Granite worktop with black veins

Where the customer wanted outdoor electrics within this outdoor kitchen build, we ensured to bring its own run out from the com consumer unit in the house and you've got enough power to run things such as heaters, lights etc.

The work tops are 30mm thick called Bianco Antico Granite, mixed with a combination of white, brown and black. This type of granite worktop is easy to clean and doesn't show dust or dirt easily. With the white stone structure, this worktop finishes off this kitchen nicely. 

If you're ready to turn your outdoor space into a haven for cooking, dining and relaxation, give us a call or drop us a line via email.

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