English Stately Home Outdoor Kitchen and Shelter

English Stately Home Outdoor Kitchen and Shelter

This beautiful outdoor kitchen is nestled in the countryside, located in an idyllic, quintessential English Stately Home. From the sleek appliances that can cook almost anything to the aesthetic decor, this space is perfect for entertaining and cooking up a storm.

The Structure

The area of where the shelter and outdoor BBQ have been built was originally bare. We had a clean slate to get contractors in and dig down to 150mm and laid the new patio.

We began with five soft wood treated timber posts (150x150mm), three along the back and two on the corners of the front. We kept the front area open without a third pillar in the middle so that it didn’t encroach on any seating areas.

Structure build

You've got a simple gable to gable roof construction and rafters and put ply on top of the roof so when you look up you don't see any of the felt, or any of the battens. All you see is the ply.

The homeowners decided to go for a scaffold-ball finish which gives it a rustic look. It makes the whole area feel enclosed which works well in this rural location.

The Electrics

All the way around the outside we put spotlights in which give off a great work light for the work tops. Three pendant lights directly brighten up the social area. We installed a three kilowatt heater and that's going to heat up the whole social space and included multiple double sockets above the work tops.

The Build

Throughout the construction we've created the space using concrete blocks. The long island in the middle is three meters long so we've used concrete lintels. Using two concrete lintels, it’s applying support for the granite worktops. For the finish we've used a mono couch render which has been used in previous outdoor kitchen builds before. We used a Stone Grey to try and match the house. If we had gone for a bright white colour or a creamy colour, it wouldn’t have worked quite so well.
Structural build
The Worktops and Appliances

The home owners agreed on a matte granite finish as apposed to a polished finish which suits this outdoor kitchen space very nicely. A beautiful U-shaped worktop with a 100mm overhand.

On the work tops sits the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 BBQ - stainless steel exterior and interior, back burner, smoker, rotisserie and it lights up. The home owners required a BBQ in their outdoor kitchen to cater for lots of people and with the grill space of this particular BBQ, it allows you to do just that. Straight underneath the BBQ sits two stainless steel doors containing the gas bottle and allows you access to the underside of the BBQ. Further along to the right of the outdoor kitchen holds other stainless steel doors with storage for fire lighters,  wood, covers, rotisseries and all additional accessories for pizza ovens or BBQs.
One door is a tall pull out drawer which we suggest to customers to use as a bin. Further along to the right holds Beefeater double door fridge to keep drinks cool or to store prepped food chilled before cooking. In the far right hand corner sits the Alfa Forno 5 Minuti Wood-Fired pizza oven that can cook two to three pizzas at one time. Not only will it cook pizza or bread, but it can also be used to cook chicken, beef or fish.
With an outdoor tap and sink, the system drains away into the soakaway located behind the outdoor kitchen.

Using left over scaffold boards, we suggested utilising the space above the work tops and fitted a large shelf to store utensils, chopping boards, glasses and herbs for cooking. A nice touch to finish off an exquisite outdoor living space.

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