Gozney Dome & Roccbox Review

Gozney Dome & Roccbox Review

We are happy to have recently partnered with Gozney pizza ovens. We are delighted to now offer our customers these incredible ovens and accessories with the kitchens that we build for them. We are reviewing Gozney pizza ovens - The Dome and The Roccbox, in addition to their range of accessories.

The Dome Pizza Oven
There are two colours - you've got 'Bone' which is a creamy colour and then you've got the 'Olive' green. The Dome measures roughly 29 inches (73cm) x 24 inches (63cm) x 26 inches (66cm). It is small enough to fit onto the worktop of a kitchen but it's big enough to cook many pizzas. When you're running on the gas, you can get three, 12-inch pizzas in there, measuring just under half a square meter.
The oven itself is made from 304 stainless steel and it's got a ceramic coating over the top, 30mm thick ceramic stones called cordierite. The whole thing is insulated so it's excellent at retaining the heat. There is also stainless steel banding around the side.

Gozney Dome Pizza Oven

Gozney designed the shape of the oven so the sides of it goes right up to leave you lots of space inside for cooking your pizzas or cooking your food. On the top you've got a chimney, which has a cover allowing smoke out, if you're cooking in a wood fire. Using the cover, you regulate the temperature by opening up the airflow to allow more air in, creating a really hot fire for cooking pizzas.
An ideal temperature is between 450-500 degrees fahrenheit or 250-260 degrees centigrade. If you want to cook low and slow, there's a door that you can get on the front with an adjustable vent, so you can shut it to regulate the internal temperature for longer and slower cooks.

It is a hybrid pizza oven, you can either have it running on gas or you can have it wood fired. You can change whenever you like with two sections in there, one is for where gas comes out and the other one has a ceramic plate that you put over the burner. Around the back is the hose where you plug your gas, it will run off LPG gas with the connection at the rear of the oven. Unfortunately, in the UK you cannot use natural gas, Gozney are working on it and we hope it will be available as a feature very soon.

On the right-hand side there is an adjustable dial, which regulates the amount of air that you let in and out to manage the temperature easily. Next to this is the push ignition for when you are using gas. In the centre underneath you've got a log store which, aesthetically, looks really good to have the wood underneath.

To the left-hand side of the oven door, there is a port for a thermometer, you can probe it directly into your food. Say you're cooking beef or chicken you can quickly know what the internal temperature is inside of the meat. That is handy as it's all about cooking to temperature and not to time. You can also get a thermometer gun which is a laser you can point at the stone which will tell you the stones surface temperature which is useful when you're cooking pizzas and you want to get that crispy base.

A useful addition to the door is a stainless-steel braided door seal, to the front with a vent adjustment, so the more you open it the more air you let in, the hotter the oven is going to get. If you want to cook low and slow, close it down and reduce the amount of air which can get inside the pizza oven.

The oven itself weighs just under 60 kilos, you are definitely going to need two people to lift it up onto the worktop. To lift it on to a counter they have devised a clever method to remove it from the box. There are two straps underneath the oven to make it easy for two people to pull it out of the box and lift it up onto the worktop.

The Roccbox is what propelled Gozney to become a household name in the pizza oven world. Gozney started out building big commercial stone ovens and thereafter, they came up with the design for the Roccbox.
Roccbox was really what put them on the map with a portable Pizza Oven only weighing about 20 kilos, you can easily pick it up and carry it around by yourself it's brilliant for camping, taking down to the beach as you don't need any power it has a little cage at the back where you can put your gas bottle in there and it's just fantastic for cooking pizzas.
There is enough space inside to put one pizza at a time, but it will still cook the same quality pizzas that you get in the Dome pizza oven. Available in variety of different vibrant colours. If you are looking for a stylish pizza oven to take around with you, these are also a lot cheaper than similar ovens.


The pizza server - once you've cooked your pizza you can put it on the side ready for cutting and serving up to all your friends and family.

Then then there is the - pizza rocker - which you rock left to right to cut your pizza up into slices.

For the Dome pizza oven you've got a - Mantle - which extends the front of the Gozney Dome oven and gives you that extra space. If you've got a pizza or an oven dish, you can keep it out of the direct heat at the front to keep it warm.

Next, we have got a - dough cutter - useful when you're making your dough at home and you want to chop it up into all the different pieces.

As we mentioned before you've got the - thermometer gun - to use it simply aim it down at the stone base and push the button and it gives you an instantaneous readout of what the temperature is of the stone.

A Pizza Peel - this is for putting your pizzas in and out of the oven. Then you've got the - Pizza Turner - which is what you use to spin/rotate your pizza around, pizzas only take 90 seconds to cook, so not long at all! The trick is to keep turning it and turning it so that the side that's facing the flame does not get burnt, keep spinning it around then you can bring out a perfectly cooked pizza.

Gozney also sell a steamer, ideal for when you're making bread as it allows moisture to get inside the oven to maintain moisture from the extreme heat when cooking inside a pizza oven.

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