Outdoor Kitchen With Gozney Dome

Outdoor Kitchen With Gozney Dome

This is a beautiful brick-built kitchen made on the lovely Indian sandstone patio. The L-shaped kitchen has everything from a pizza oven, a grill and a fridge. With all this, it makes a great place to relax and entertain with friends and family.

Finished outdoor kitchen equipped with pizza oven, BBQ and double door fridge

The Build

On day one of this outdoor kitchen build, we began with the brick work. Instead of matching the bricks to the existing house, the client wanted a contrasting colour. Using red bricks we've achieved a great contrast with the sandstone brick used on the house.

Once the brickwork was finished, we then templated the granite worktops and installed the appliances.

Brick work to building outdoor kitchen

The Outdoor Kitchen

This particular outdoor kitchen has polished black granite worktops (Absolute Zero) with a subtle speckled affect. This looks great against the contrasting red and Sandstone brickwork.

Underneath the worktop, there is a BeefEater double-door fridge. When you walk past the fridge, there’s a Beefeater single stainless-steel door that contains the gas tank and is also used for the storage of logs. On the top of the worktop, there is the Dual-Fuel Gozney Dome Pizza Oven, which runs on both gas and wood as well.

polished black granite worktops

To the left, there’s a five burner, BeefEater S3000E barbecue - measuring to nearly a metre wide so there is plenty of cooking space. Underneath the grill, there are double stainless steel doors for storage and keeping the gas tank.

With this particular build, this garden has the best entertaining space with a large sofa seating area to chill out, including a dining area. A great space to either relax or entertain both friends and family outdoors.

If you're looking for inspiration for an outdoor kitchen, follow our YouTube channel and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or queries regarding any of our outdoor kitchen constructions.

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