Stylish and Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen

Stylish and Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen

For our latest project, we found ourselves in Twickenham, in London.

We are excited to present to you an incredible outdoor kitchen and parasol that we recently installed. In this post we will be highlighting the construction of this kitchen and how it was built to give you an idea of its unique features.

This is a first for us as we have incorporated 45-degree transitions at the end to enclose the kitchen. During the planning stage, the customer considered having a linear section and two returns, but we ultimately decided on the 45-degree turns, which work exceptionally well. The kitchen feels enclosed, yet there is still plenty of usable space. Additionally, we have created an overhang to provide a bar area where friends and family can sit.

wrap around outdoor kitchen

The kitchen was constructed using concrete blocks, and we used split-face tiles with a white and silvery finish, giving it a sparkly, speckled effect.

Split face tiles on outdoor kitchen

To enhance the ambiance, we have installed LED lights underneath the tiles. The tiles match a fountain nearby, resulting in a cohesive garden design. The vents at the top of the worktops are designed to allow natural gas to escape in case of a leak. The worktops themselves are made of cosmic black granite, with quartz veins and patterns.


This kitchen is equipped with a variety of appliances and features. It boasts a spacious stainless steel sink with a bowl and a half, perfect for accommodating large pots and pans. The sink also has a single access door for easy access to waste and utilities, as well as for storage purposes.

Moving on to the Beefeater Proline barbecue with a natural gas side burner that can be easily ignited by pushing and turning a knob. The barbecue also has triple drawers for storage.

Next is the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 gas barbecue, which has seven burners, including a back burner and a smoker burner. It provides almost a meter of cooking space and comes with a rotisserie. The barbecue is completely made of stainless steel and has lights and sensors for added convenience.

Beefeater Proline 6 burner

Overall, this kitchen is well-equipped and ready for any outdoor cooking needs.

Underneath, we have two access doors made of stainless steel. Usually, we store the gas tank there, but in this case, it provides easy access to all the electric and gas components. It also offers ample storage space. The pull-out drip tray is located here, which is convenient for cleaning. We suggest using tin foil or sand in the tray to make cleaning up easier. Moving on, we have a pull-out bin where you can keep your charcoal.

Next, we have the Monolith Classic Commando Pro Series, which is a versatile charcoal barbecue. It is excellent for slow cooking, searing, roasting, and even cooking pizzas. Lastly, there's a Napoleon single fridge that provides 135 litres of storage space. It is perfect for keeping drinks and food fresh during a barbecue with guests.

Stainless steel draws on outdoor kitchen

One of the most thrilling aspects of this project is the installation of the Progessi Parasol, which spans five meters in length and three and a half meters in width. It covers the entire kitchen and fits perfectly in this space. What's great about this parasol is that it doesn't require much garden space, as it can be easily folded and lifted up without blocking the sun. It provides ample coverage to keep you protected from the elements. You can even add lights and heaters to it, and it can be tilted and swung to any angle you desire. 

outdoor kitchen with large retractable parasol

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