Unboxing: Monolith Icon Kamado Oven

Unboxing: Monolith Icon Kamado Oven

Discover the Monolith Icon Kamado Oven in all it's glory. The entry level oven that's easy to move around with the help of two people.


Monolith Icon Kamado Outdoor Grill

Is this BBQ portable? Is it easy to move and transport?

This grill is ideal for taking camping or taking it down to the beach. Cook for family and friends in the privacy of your own back garden or BBQ elsewhere.

How will I know what temperature to cook at?

The thermometer shows you which temperature to cook at if you're searing, slow-cooking, barbequing, roasting or cooking pizza.

And with that, how do I control and regulate the temperature of the oven?

There are two ways to control and regulate the heat in your BBQ. Start by twisting the Daisy Wheel at the top to allow air to enter the oven. This can be adjusted accordingly. If you need more heat you can open the shoot at the bottom to allow air to enter from underneath the charcoal. Experiment by sliding the shoot to the right but you may not need to open it too much.

To stop cooking, simply close the bottom shoot and close the Daisy Wheel to cease the airflow. Within a short period of time, the embers die down stop releasing heat, ready to be re-used next time.

Monolith Icon Outdoor Grill

What if I have a large get together?

Good question - the Monolith Icon Kamado Oven is compatible with the Monolith Icon / Junior - Fire Plate. To install, you simply remove the lid and grill, then place the fire plate on top of the barbeque.

Are there any other accessories that are compatible with this outdoor oven?

Yes, AOS Kitchens offer the Wok Crown to sit a wok on top and cook stir fries. AOS Kitchens also offer the Protective Cover made from Oxford Nylon - ideal for protecting your Monolith Icon from dirt, snow and rain allowing the grill to remain outside, all year round.

How do I remove the ash?

You can simply slide the shoot to the right at the bottom of the oven which is wear it collects the ash.

You can find out more about the Monolith and it's compatible accessories here.

Monolith Icon Outdoor Grill

What should I expect when it comes to unboxing my Monolith Icon Kamado Oven? What's included?

The best thing about receiving your ceramic grill, is that it's so easy to assemble and put together. Upon unboxing, you should have the oven, the stainless steel carrying frame with bamboo handles either side, stainless steel tray and racking system, ceramic firebox parts, cast iron ash tray, thermometer, grill, daisy wheel, ash shovel and grid lifter. You can watch the 'Monolith Icon Unboxing And Review' video below.


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