Do I Need Shelter Or Cover For My Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchen shelter or roof cover to keep you dry

There are various options available for shelters and covers to create over tour outdoor kitchen. If you live in the UK, you may wish to have an outdoor shelter that will allow you to BBQ in the dry if weather permits. However, in a warmer country, you may not wish to have an outdoor cover.

An option that has become increasingly popular especially in the UK over the last couple of years are these powder coated aluminium pergolas. They can have louvers that open and shut or they can have retractable roofs that go completely open or completely shut. They have sides that can come down and have heaters. Some have lights. The benefits to these are that they versatile in in how you can use them. They are available in electric versions and you can have manual ones as well for opening the louvres and the shutters as well. The
only constraints to them are the sizes that are available and they generally have posts in between but they are effective shelter to have with your outdoor
kitchen and your dining area your.

Alternatively, you could build something bespoke. We've created shelters for our customers where we've made them using Timber posts timber frame construction rubberized roofs. We create a slatted baton look so it allows airflow to come in to eliminate smoke from the ovens but it gives that privacy too.