What Outdoor Kitchen Choices Are There?

materials to use in an outdoor kitchen

Your first choice when it comes to choosing the aesthetic of your outdoor kitchen is whether to go modular or a traditionally built kitchen.

A traditionally built outdoor kitchen is one that has been built using either bricks or concrete blocks and then it's rendered. It may have cladding on it, it might be tiled - anything that you can build in a traditional style, you can build with a kitchen. You could also build it using a metal frame or with a timber stud construction.

Brick Built Outdoor Kitchen

With the traditional built kitchens there is no limit or restrictions on what you can have in there because they're built from scratch. You can have any barbecue or pizza oven you want - even on outdoor bar. Any appliance you may want, we can include within your design as everything is built from scratch.

Another option is to go down the modular kitchen route. These kitchens come ready made therefore they normally come as individual units that will be fitted together. They can be put into any layout that you want to create your outdoor kitchen.

There are many layouts to choose from. All that have different barbecues, some have a pizza oven, some have fridges, some don't have sinks. You can utilise storage space or block empty spaces out. The choice is up to you.

Outdoor kitchen layout